Martin Jantzen currently finishes his studies with Paolo Pandolfo in Basel. 2018 he reached in the finals of the international “Bach-Abel-Competition” in Köthen.
While studying the Cello in Frankfurt/Main he got in touch with the inspiring world of the Viola da gamba and worked with Heidi Gröger on this soundworld.
Besides the more often used viols he also deals with more seldomly played instruments as the Arpeggione to bring to life these rarities, too.

Several scholarships supported Martin during his studies e.g. the Kalliope Foundation, the GFF of the HfMDK Frankfurt and the DAAD. His teachers among others were Prof. Jean-Guihen Queyras, Prof. Elena Cheah and Prof. Jan Ickert and he worked with young contemporary composers as well as with Helmut Lachenmann and Lee Santana.

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